2009 : After two World Cups held on the side “Agudes” station, Peyragudes The Deluxe Cup took a break to recharge its batteries.

2012 : The Deluxe Peyragudes Cup is back under the name Peyragudes Never Dies on the other side of the mountain side “Peyresourdes.” A new track, which was built in 2010 to provide better access to the station, will be our playground.

This new route is just along the runway airfield which saw filming the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies” took place !

This analogy with James Bond is what inspired us to do a new event: we are back, Peyragudes Never Dies !

2013 : James Bond is back and Adam Persson beats him  !

2014 : the story says that the one that wins Peyragudes Never Dies wins the World Champion Title the same year…so come and race at your best !
So be ready to meet James Bond in person …

(the intro finishes at 24 secs, the music is a rescore)
2016 : PEYRAGUDES NEVER EVER DIES : The return of the legendary race , this time with two days of free-ride for a homecoming , and two days of CDF/OPEN to celebrate the come-back !





2016: PEYRAGUDES NEVER EVER DIES : Le retour de la course mythique avec cette fois , deux jours de free-ride pour un retour aux sources , et deux jours de CDF pour célébrer le champion de France 2016 !