These are the 3 disciplines which you can see in action during Peyragudes Never Dies 2016.

Downhill Skateboarding

Peyragude discipline downhill skateboarding
The competitors will race against each other, in heats of four on the same track. The top two finishers of each heat will advance to the next round.

Classic luge

Peyragudes discipline classic luge
The principals are nearly the same as Downhill Skateboarding, however the Classic Luge itself is ridden in the supine (lying down) position. Speeds achieved in Classic Luge exceed those of Downhill Skateboarding. GP format will be introduced in Peyragudes this year.

Street luge

Peyragudes discipline street luge
Launched in heats of four, the top two finishers advance to the next round. The Streetluge is an evolution of the Classic Luge, since both are practiced lying down !