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Track overview

Peyragudes track

The start is in the middle of the resort, in the main street where most of the shops and restaurants are settled: we expect quite a crowd to watch the starts, so barriers will be placed all along the track. The resort is steep enough, so we don’t have to use a kicker or any artificial trick to enhance the track !

After 200 meters, you hit a slight sweaper with a few bumps in the ground, before you reach the first 180 degrees, under the balcony of the flats who have the best view of the resort (they can see the whole track).

You have then another 100 meters before hitting the second 180. Till then, you did not ride over 50 km/h, but the real game starts now. After the second 180, you will let your skate follow the aircraft track and bring you done to the Carver Curve, this awesome rib of asphalt on the picture below.

A view of the track from the resort

Coming with full speed from the top of the resort, you will have no choice but to brake if you wanna go through those 2 turns. Don’t miss your exit at the last curve because it wll determine your speed during the big tuck exercise that is facing you now: 1 km of turning around the Collin, head on the right, full tuck before you finally reach the straight portion of the road.

Straight…..and steep : with 12,9 % steep on 400 meters, it just makes you think of a little Teutonia !
Then it is time to think about the way you gonna take the last hairpin, charging the road with a 3 figures speed ! The finish line is waiting for you just behind.

New asphalt